Blacks United Brings a New Meaning to "Unity"

It is a new day for Blacks in understanding the need for "unity!"

What we do?

Bringing Black Unity to You!

At Blacks United, we are your central point for Black Unity. A place for Black People to come together regardless of what you call yourself. We borrow a term from Dr. Boyce Watkins, who says Blacks First or B1. At Black United, we are developing under one cause-being Black!
We are not trying to replace any other organization. To the contrary, our efforts here are to strengthen other Black-centered organizations and the African American community.

Others organize! Why shouldn't Blacks People? Blacks have organized in the past. But, never has our Black Race organized on a consistent basis and with a purpose.

We believe that before you are anything else, you are BLACK First! We may be of a different religion(s); you may consider yourself Straight or Gay, Republican or Democrat, light skin or dark skin, etc. Whatever else you may call yourself, you are what Dr. Boyce Watkins refers to as being B1 or Black First!

We try to keep it very simple so that everyone can claim their place as being Black First!

Join Blacks United

To become an active member with Blacks United, you must choose a membership amount. Most common is $10 per year. This allows you to have full membership right except where prohibited and a part of this African American association

General Membership

Once you have become a member, you will have access to the Members Only Login. Once you log in there, you can participate in the forum and express you’re feeling about issues happening around the United States and how Blacks United begins to formulate our organization.

You will also be able to view how much money is being raised by Blacks United.


Take advantage of the Resources Tab at the top of the page. This tab will include videos, articles, book recommendations, etc.

It is our hope to have a quarterly magazine that you will be able to read online or download for you to read at your leisure.

Blacks United - Tailored to be Trustworthy

The most important element is for people to join This is where we begin to build our membership.

why we do it?

Unity is what is missing

Unity has been preached to Black folk for so long, and unity has been the missing component that has kept Black People from achieving our goal(s).
As you hear about Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma, you realize that as Black People, we have had unity in the past and, Unity did work!
However, several of our Black Communities were burned to the ground in cities around the United States. Then Black People fought for integration. Once integration happened, and Black People were able to go into White establishments, Black People forsook our own for the assimilation we sought. We were taught, and it was drilled into us that White was better than Black, and we began to believe that! Between assimilation and integration, these two things killed any and everything Blacks had going for themselves. This is why now one has to ask the question, "What is Juneteenth" because along with unity, we had started to forget our roots, our heritage, and our history.
 So, at Blacks-United, we want to join Black Folk together again to support our common interest.

Revisiting history and why we i.e., black people are so bitter about it.
One of the major hurdles in the unity of black people in America is the lack of understanding rife amongst people regarding black history. This is a trait rampant both in the black and white communities. Unity is necessary, but not in exchange for something worth more. For instance, at the end of segregation, integration of the black community happened. It is lauded as one of the biggest wins for any community worldwide. Apparently, the achievement is enormous, but African-Americans lost a lot more than what they gained through this process.
To understand the value and impact of what the black community lost, it is necessary to revisit the Greenwood massacre of 1921. This is an event where the black community and their self-sufficient life in Greenwood, Oklahoma, was obliterated by a mob of white people. This community was self-contained, but then it was attacked. People were tormented, and everything was destroyed because of a false accusation from a white woman named Sarah Page. This woman was an electric elevator operator, an invention of a black man. She accused another black man, Dick Rowland, of the Greenwood community of attempted assault.
O W Gurley began Greenwood after he bought 40 acres of land, part of a former Indian territory, and renamed it. The black community grew and flourished there, and according to some accounts, it used to be the wealthiest amongst similar communities in the country. The massacre broke the backbone of the black community in the USA and has been labeled as the single worse racial incident in the country. Beginning with that, in the next 100 years, the black people of America slowly lost their self-reliance. Through the Black Unity movement, we are trying to restore that.
Money is not an issue with the African-American people of the country because the accumulated spending power of the community is $1.3 trillion, which is the 9th richest economy in the world. Despite that, the community is yet to harness the financial power it has at its disposal. Beginning with the finances will be a wise decision to help the community find its self-reliance and unity. The community pooling its money together will be an excellent and effective way of controlling its economy. This is a powerful beginning of the journey toward black unity in the country presently and then in the world. It is high time that the African-American community starts to get involved in its betterment and ensure its powerful future.  

We use technology to connect us

It's all about trust with Blacks United so, we wanted to take the guesswork out of "who's handling the money" by making sure that everything is done electronically and passed on to our Black Bank. This way, no human has to touch the money!

Principals to Understand and Live By 


We are "B1" or Black First

     Before ANYTHING ELSE you are 

     BLACK First. Before you are........

       - Man or woman

       - Straight or Gay

       - Educated or un-Educated

       - Young or old

       - Republican or Democrat 

You can be any of these things but, you are BLACK First!!! This is what we are saying when you use the term or hashtag #B1


WOO = We are on Our Own!

For 400 years we have been expecting people to do the Black Man right and it has never happened.

So it is time for Black Folk to do for ourselves without expecting anything from anyone else.

Aren't we mature enough as a people to do things for ourselves?

Time is up!

DO NOT say black unity is impossible! Just Say, YOU DO NOT HAVE THE WILL!

We know in Greenwood, Oklahoma, in 1921 Black People were very united! It is said that a dollar circulated in Greenwood among that community for 365 days before it left the community.

We can do this!