How “Black Lives Matter” is Inspiring the African American Community in the USA to Introduce Changes in the Society? 

 June 29, 2021

By  Blacks United

It’s been a year since the untimely demise of George Floyd as a victim of police brutality. The whole world shook because of the incident, yet America seemed to be divided into two distinct sections. One, where people with common sense and logic were asking for justice and prosecution of the police officers, the racists, and police sympathizers were arguing against the perceived disobedience of the African American community. That was not the first instance of police brutality against a person of color, which wasn’t the last. However, the George Floyd incident resulted in a wake-up call everyone needed, along with the African American Community in the USA.

The reality of police brutality 

Police brutality has been part of life in the USA and various other countries worldwide. However, in other cases, such blatant racism, disparity, and unnecessary cruelty against people of color are not on display. The USA is one of the most advanced and influential countries in the world. Here you can buy the gun you like from the local supermarket, and then you can use that gun as you wish, because you have rights, especially if your skin color is not dark. On the other hand, if you are a person of color, then the police officers should be well within their jurisdiction to detain and even kill if they think that you have a gun, whether it is your mobile phone or a pen or your hands are empty!

Two different messages for the youth of the country 

This blatant disregard for human life, or rather the life of people of color, this level of racial discrimination is disheartening. These displays today are influencing and impacting the young generation. One section of the youth is learning that they have all the power and can do anything and will be let off easily because they have been blessed with skin fairness. The other section of the same young generation is learning to mind their business, being afraid of the police and that they are not safe even while sleeping at their home in their bed. This dichotomy cannot be good for any country and its future. Therefore, the time has come to introduce not only change but a complete overhauling of the system.

Fight against a corrupt system to bring change 

A system that has grown corrupt and comfortable with zero accountability should not be allowed to exist. Yes, change does not come in one day. It will take time; it will require time, effort, work, involvement, educating people about the wrongness of their thoughts and beliefs. This is going to take years, but the beginning should be today. People should be pointed out when they are being racist, hypocrites, and hateful towards fellow human beings. They should learn that skin color does not give one section of the society the birthright to rule over the other. In the meantime, the people of color should unite and remain united.

Unity is the element that will help everyone grow together 

Together, the whole section of African America and other people of color can bring the change sorely required in the country today. It is not about a single protest march or movement; it is about introducing new thought process and changes in the society where no one has to be afraid of perceived crimes, no one will be stereotypes based on their skin color, no one will be discriminated against for belonging to a particular ethnic group. In short, the time of change has come, and African Americans are leading this movement to ensure a better and brighter tomorrow without racism, racial discrimination, and racial hate crimes.

Blacks United

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