How the African American Community in the USA is Giving Hope to the People Fighting Oppression Everywhere? 

 June 28, 2021

By  Blacks United

People of color have been part of America, the country, and the unique culture that the country has acquired and curated over the last few hundred years. Yes, discrimination, oppression, and racial injustice have always been part of the country. The African American Community in the USA has been a pioneer in fighting these problems. From Juneteenth to ending segregation to the present Black Lives Matter, this community and its brave people have been fighting injustice and oppressive system and people for centuries now. Hence, it is not surprising that they will be leading the rest of the world against various forms of injustices and oppression.

The present scenario is pretty frustrating 

Even after the first two decades of a new century, the world, in some instances, is behaving as if it was in the 18th century. This is not cute or nostalgic; it is more worrying and irritating that something as derogatory as racial discrimination and several other kinds exists. A section of humans considers it their right to reign over another section of the population. They also believe that being different from them makes this other section any less in any way. The differences are perceived based on the silliest factors, including the color of one’s skin, what the person does, where and in which family they have been born, and many more. The new age should be all about focusing on growing and ensuring a better future.

Existence of oppression and its inclusion in the system 

Though there are various types of oppression existing in different countries, and they impact the planet and its population in different ways, the hate crime and hateful attitude of people in America is making people angry everywhere. Apartheid is not a new issue; it has been there for centuries now, and the fight against this has been going on for almost equally long. In all these years, the movements, protests, and all the steps taken by the black people have been able to pass some hurdles. From a theoretical perspective, the movement and people have come pretty far from the days of blatant hate.

The present scenario, especially in the USA 

In reality, though, the picture is different where the hate remains. It is fueling many people in various positions within society to perpetrate hate crimes. The biggest surprise is that the system, which should have been for doling out justice, is also rigged against the people of color. Within the American judicial system, a person of color gets more severely punished for a comparatively smaller crime than a person of Caucasian origin. In such a situation, the Black Lives Matter movement is a beacon of hope for the people; it is also a way to establish where society is wrong. The African-Americans have been doing this for a long time. However, this movement seems to finally bring a much-needed focus to the depth of the problem.

Bringing hope and faith to others who need it 

This movement is also helping people fighting for their rights in other countries of the world. They are thinking, if the people of America can do it, then they will be too. Fighting against an oppressive system is not easy. Moreover, only bringing temporary changes or introducing new legislation is not going to do the trick. As the root of the problem is deep, so has to be the solution. If it isn’t, then the problem will get sorted for the time being. However, the ultimate resolution will remain elusive, and that won’t be a desirable outcome.

Blacks United

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