American Black People is it time, to take our complaints Global? 

 July 17, 2021

By  Blacks United

Politically, Is now the time for Black Americans to identify with our Black brothers & sisters in other Black Countries?

Black Americans must show solidarity toward Black Nations not only to identify with other Black Nations but, as a way to leverage our power as Americans-to encourage these countries to voice their opinions to the inhuman treatment White America has imposed on American Blacks. As Black Americans, we have fought too long internally trying to get America to change their ways. Maybe, as American demographics are changing, we seem to be headed towards an apartheid America. Which, will not fair well for anyone. I believe it will be a downright embarrassment for America as the US pushes democracy and human rights. And maybe White America realizes a change from democracy is needed. American is conflicted as to who we are! 

America scolds China as protesters are demonstrating in the streets of Hong Kong and America wants to tell China about protesters’ right to protest when America cannot provide health care to its people or while White Police Departments continue to kill Black People, Congress, somehow cannot find the will to pass the George Floyd Act! It all seems to be legalized extermination. Policies are being drafted in the various states to allow Whites to remain in power which, is why they are pushing the Trump agenda to begin to change our government towards a system which would serve a White minority type of government. “you treat American Blacks so terrible and you won’t listen nor correct the inhuman treatments you have subjected Black Americans to, maybe it is time Black Americans take our case global.”

I’m not sure how this would work but, my thought is, Blacks should start by using The Inhuman Treatment in America global informational campaign. We expose the injustices happening in America and show how that same type of treatment relates to inhuman & racist practices and policy in places like Haiti. We must make America answer questions like, how both America and the Haitians say Haiti should hold elections. OK well, why does America say elections are great and is the way to go for Haiti when America is preaching democracy to the world while attempting to undermine voting by Blacks at home? America is passing laws as we speak without regard to how America is looked at globally! America wants to nullify election results when the elected choice does not serve its purpose. America wants to get a second bite of the apple when those elected are not the conservative choice or they simply don’t like the choice made by the voters. Do the American States want to legally change elections to suit themselves by having a democratic election to be overturned in favour of someone they (White America) would rather have in power? Maybe this is what America has done all along to other countries they pretend to help? They preach democracy but covertly undermine these elections in other countries? Maybe this has been America’s position all along. But, they are just starting to do it overly in places like Georgia and Texas and our federal government say nothing! What is that about? 

America can no longer be a hypocrite against China’s human rights when America has its own human rights issues. And, the majority world is willing to overlook what America does to their own Black People when countries like Isreal says nothing to America because they are receiving trillions of dollars for their holocaust when American slavery was much worse! Isreal says NOTHING to America about America’s actions when Hitler said he learned what to do to Jews from how America was treating Blacks! How is Isreal making the World Better?

The treatment of American Blacks and the silent commentary from other majority countries to publicly speak out against America’s treatment is regrettable. Germany’s Presidents (past and present) should be voicing their opposition to these actions because we got a preview of “bad America” under Trump. The world had (and could have again) a modern-day Hitler in Donald Trump! Yes, he won an election without winning the popular vote-why is this still happening in America? Germany must speak out from experience. They know how difficult it is to live with this strain from the world’s viewpoint.

As Black Americans in our democratic society, it is not only our right to speak out against Injustice America can be a force but America’s involvement or lack thereof and treatment of Blacks in other countries American Blacks have a responsibility to speak out as a way to help these other countries and as a way in helping ourselves.  Those other countries will and should begin to identify with the plight of the American Blacks. Comparing it to their own plight. American Blacks must keep watch on America as America is doing their dirt and trying to hide their hand. Our global bond with these developing countries must be strengthened and it must begin with American Blacks speaking out and thus making everyone stronger and more accountable globally.

Blacks United

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