How Should One Approach the Subject of Supporting Black People in USA? 

 June 25, 2021

By  Blacks United

Supporting a particular group of people in a country like the USA is not easy, especially when hate crimes and police brutality against people of color are at an all-time high. Though the right should not have been two sections of the society and that too based on their skin color, sadly, that is the reality. Despite the situation, there is no denying that not every white person is terrible and hateful; likewise, not all black people are sympathetic towards the movement. In such a situation, if you want to crack the formula of Supporting Black People in the USA, then it is time to understand certain points.

How can you help black people and their movement? 

No matter which ethnicity you belong to, supporting black people of the country is not limited to walking with them in the protest marches, writing your opinion on social media platforms, and being vocal about your support. Everyone cannot do these things, but you can help in a myriad of simple and small ways, resulting in a better and more effective outcome than you ever thought. The ways in which you can help the black community in their fight for fundamental human rights are:

  • Supporting the local small black businesses. Choosing the local farmer’s market for your organic and fresh produce instead of the local departmental store.
  • Providing both mental and economic support to the community through legitimate ways like posting the bail of a protestor, arranging for first aid and emergency medicine for the protestors, and many more.
  • Protesting directly if you see a person of color being threatened, attacked, or verbally abused anywhere within your vicinity. Confronting the haters is an excellent way of making them realize that they do not have the power over the situation.
  • Showing a united front by supporting local black communities and being vocal about your points both online and off is also an excellent way of handling the situation.
  • If you are in a remote part of the country where the protest marches and such are not taking place, and you do not have any chance to get involved with the movement directly, you can still help. Keeping your community safe for everyone, first and foremost for African- Americans and people of color will be your contribution towards the cause.
  • The movement is about unity, justice for oppressed people, and finding the lost humanity in people. Hence, you can focus on your empathy, humanity, and love to support and assist the people who have been fighting for their fundamental rights. You can begin with the smallest things: protecting children, babysitting, and looking after the pets of people taking part in the protest. Every bit of help matters, and it makes things easier for others.

Understanding the premises of your support 

It is necessary to understand that the time is for helping, supporting, and becoming an ally and not focusing on your feelings or what you want or similar things. This movement and the subsequent spread of the ideology and thought process have nothing to do with you. It is an attempt on the part of people who have been tortured, oppressed, discriminated against to gain fundamental human rights. Indeed, that is not a proud moment for one of the most advanced countries on the planet, but the truth cannot be ignored. You can become a fellow soldier to people by extending your support in any way you can.

Blacks United

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