Are Money & Funding Enough for the African American Community to Fight Oppression? 

 August 31, 2021

By  Chris

If you ever have to face such a question, it is pretty normal to feel confused, especially if you are aware of the degree of oppression the black community is still going through. You may think that money will help, but how can money solve the problem? You will be right in your thought because money can be one of the aspects to help the African American community, but it is not everything. Now, you will start to look for possible reasons behind someone asking such a question. This way, you will be discovering a world that will be surprising, harrowing, and sobering at the same time. The following sections may seem hurtful, but they are also the truth in various areas of the country.

The problem is deep-rooted and won’t be solved in a day 

People who consider themselves not racist yet unknowingly or knowingly carry around much hate inside them believe in many negative statements. For instance, it is deemed to be expected for a young black person to evade their responsibility towards life, their family, and simply lazing around while getting money from the government. Black men are often portrayed as irresponsible and incapable of dealing with fatherhood. A considerable section of the country thinks that black people are only doing drugs, harassing people, and getting paid by the government. If a black person becomes famous, the consensus is that they probably can sing and dance well. At the same time, there are thousands of examples stating otherwise.

People should become aware of several things 

Therefore, it is pretty evident that people are yet to properly understand the community and how life is going for them. There are affluent and influential black families, but they are way less than prominent white families. Moreover, getting discriminated against is typical for African American people, which does not end with them earning much money and establishing themselves as eminent personalities. Therefore, arranging for money is not that challenging. However, it is also necessary to remember that money is not the perfect solution for everything.

Money can never be the solution 

By gathering money and distributing it amongst people who need it, their problems can be managed for the time being, but not for the long run. The issue of racism has been part of the country for centuries. In some cases, no one had even tried to change the way people think about these superficial differences between themselves. If asked, there won’t be any scientific explanation for why a person of colour is considered less intelligent and less capable than a white person. This is because the idea and thought are not scientific. They are some ideas created in the mind of uneducated people ready to dehumanize a section of people to exploit them. This is the point where African American associations and people from other communities are working.

Getting out from the misleading ideas and information 

For many people, spending money and donating a considerable amount to a cause is enough. This is not community-specific, though. Instead, it is something that can happen to anyone’s opinion. It is high time to change this opinion and make people think otherwise. People who believe that black people are protesting and shouting and asking for their rights because they do not have enough money are wrong. People sitting in a privileged position in society will never understand the issues people face when they do not even have fundamental rights. Money can never be a replacement for all the oppression and hate people have to face because of the colour of their skin. Funding and money are required, they are vital to strengthening the fight, but they are not a proper replacement.

A basic understanding will lead to better comprehension later 

Being a person with primary education and common sense, it is enough for anyone to understand that the fight and protests going on in the country are not to secure more money or funding from the government. It is more about the fundamental dignity and freedom to roam around without getting suspected of wrongdoing or getting vilified for no reason. It is shameful that a black father has to teach his little girl to cooperate with the police even when she has done so wrong, or else she can get killed. In a country where a black woman, who is also part of the police force, gets killed while off duty and sleeping at home, based on some suspicion or other, money can do nothing.

A serious fight against oppression is ongoing 

Fighting oppression has to be assertive and goal-oriented. The effort will cost money, and for that, you have to arrange for the necessary funding. However, it will never be more significant than the problem itself. You have to always remember the goal, which will signify the position of money and funding the natural scheme of things.


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