Are the Present Black Associations Capable Enough to Lead the Community? 

 August 3, 2021

By  Chris

In the recent movements, protests, and fights against racism and racial hate crime, the absence of one aspect has been felt by everyone, the right leader. Though the movements taking place so far are of people and the spontaneous outburst of their anger and frustration, a leader is required after a point. The mass can continue the fight and protest for a certain period. However, after that, when the passion and interest start to dwindle, a leader can keep people fighting for a long time. This is where Black Associations come into the picture as they are in the correct position to lead the community towards victory. The question at the moment is whether these associations are capable of the job role or not.

Being a leader is not as simple as it may seem 

Leading a group of people may seem simple enough a job because, from the outset, it is all about motivating people and helping them continue in their paths, but the reality is different. First, it is necessary to know and understand that inspiring people is not that easy. Saying motivational words is simple enough, but retaining the motivation is not. Moreover, ensuring that the people remain on the same path as before and strengthen the movement is even more challenging. It is also essential to know that motivating people to take control of their lives and handling the various aspects of a movement are two different things.

Instead of an individual its time to trust an association 

The black community has been suffering due to the lack of a proper leader for decades now. Since Martin Luther King Jr., it seems that the community is yet to find a powerful enough leader who can lead from the front. A leader is not someone who will be giving high-sounding speeches asking people to join the fight. Instead, a leader will be someone who will begin the fight, and others will get inspired by them join. At this age, finding an individual to become the beacon of hope for the whole community is not that easy. Hence, people are more inclined to depend on an association instead of a single person. They are looking forward to different associations and their takes on the present scenario.

Knowing whether your association is capable enough or not 

If you are part of an association and are wondering whether it will be possible for yours to take the leadership position, then it is crucial to find out if the following features are present in the association. Yes, an association is where multiple people come together; hence, it combines all these people. Therefore, the characteristics and qualities of the association will be dependent on its people. Though this observation is entirely authentic from the theoretical perspective, there is more practical use that you need to know and understand. Every association begins with a precise aim and several agendas which they hope and promise to fulfil in due course; with time, things get muddled and confused. People start losing faith in the leaders and the association.

Handling the negative aspects carefully and successfully 

Over the years, various associations lost their presence and promising future to this phenomenon. If you do not want yours to be amongst them, it is necessary to follow a few rules. For instance, you need to be entirely transparent about the association and its aims from the very beginning. Furthermore, funding is another crucial aspect of every association, and people find various ways to gather the money. Therefore, it is wise to remain clear about the source of the funds collected and the plan for the expense always. This way, transparency can be maintained within the organization, and people find the practice to be trust-inducing. As a result, they find it easier to trust the association and the people involved.

There is a need for people with different opinions 

In every association and organization, some people do not see in the eye with each other. It may seem wise to only select and involve people with the same ideas and beliefs in the association. Doing so will theoretically be perfect for fulfilling the agendas and helping the organization grow. Though it is ideal for the theoretical approach, the reality is pretty different. Only having people with the same thought process takes away the challenging factor from within the association, which becomes a deterrent for the organization’s growth instead of helping the process. For the continued health of the association, stagnation of ideas should be avoided first.

Letting action speak louder than words at the moment 

If an opinion is asked regarding the potential leadership of the black community at present, there will be several thousand opinions, and each of them will try to dominate the situation as much as possible. Some will opine that; the present leadership is capable enough to lead the community to a new era. Some will say that the current leadership is incapable, and the community should wait for the right leader to come and take up the mantel of the leader. Instead of allowing these people and their opinions to take centre stage, it will be better to let the action speak for itself.


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