Assisting the BIPOC Community Members in Reaching their Goals will Help this Country too 

 July 11, 2021

By  Blacks United

The fight of black people against the oppressors and colonization has been pretty old. The battle of indigenous people against the same forces had been older. The fight people of color have been fighting in the US is relatively new. Despite the different time frames and timelines of these diverse communities, all these situations and fights are equally critical and needed. Whether you are an ally to these communities or someone belonging to one of the three sections of people, supporting the BIPOC community members is necessary for this day and age.

History and a little about the indigenous people 

America has been racist since the very beginning. The moment people from Europe came to these lands and started settling down, they had oppressed the local people. Today, almost every large corporate and oil company is trying to get hold of the indigenous land to dig up oil. The colonizers were never respectful or even considerate regarding the indigenous people’s practices, culture, and beliefs. Hence, they keep on trying to usurp the holy land and forest of this community. By supporting the indigenous people and their fight to protect their land, you are also helping to preserve the environment.

The black history you won’t get to read in school 

Regarding the black community, these people had been forcefully brought to America to work as slaves. They had been treated like property and cattle for centuries. A considerable section of the white population was against freeing the slaves. That legacy and history of oppression are continuing. Yes, despite your surprise, the discrimination and intimidation have continued so far. Maybe it has lost the stark details and presence. However, the subtle ways the black community is stereotyped and discriminated against is quite clear. So, the fight is that of a community of people for the recognition, rights, and basic decency they deserve. By supporting the struggles, movements, and people of this community, you are helping yourself grow, and the country gets better.

A new force, the people of color in America 

When it comes to the people of color, the indigenous and black people are included in this group, but other than that, there are people of different ethnicities. From Asian to Latin American to Middle Eastern and many more, this umbrella term includes all these people. Their fight is a little varied because of their history and position in the country. It is mostly about getting sanctuary for Latin Americans and beginning their lives afresh in a land of better opportunities. For Asians, it is about making it big in a land that is some kind of utopia to them. The idea of America in other countries is fueled by opportunities and dreams.

Supporting the BIPOC community members and helping the country grow 

By supporting each of these groups, you will be proving the age-old notion associated with America, which is the land of beginning and fulfilling one’s dreams. Whether you are a Caucasian or belong to any other ethnicities, supporting the BIPOC members is your contribution towards a better tomorrow. It will be your assistance in creating a country where no one will be discriminated against; stereotypes won’t be influencing people and their opinion of people. Thus, a country that used to be the beacon of hope for people worldwide can regain that position and status once more.

Blacks United

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