By Brining the Black People Together, it is Possible to Put an End to the Oppression 

 August 6, 2021

By  Chris

Unity has always been the strength needed, primarily when a huge task had been undertaken. Whether it is a battle or answering a siege, whether it is about saving people’s lives or helping others in need, unity has been fundamental. The same approach applies to the black people of the country because, in the past, they had banded together and fought oppression and torture. Getting out of slavery wasn’t an easy task, but Black people together could achieve that. Afterward, they came together again to fight against segregation and were able to fight and win. Therefore, it is pretty confident to expect that the Black Lives Matter movement will also achieve the same result.

It is time to learn a few things carefully 

If you have not been associated with any protest march or movement fight against systematic oppression, then it is time to learn a few things. For instance, you have to understand the meaning of unity: not everyone coming together without any conflict. When people talk about unity, the first thing they think and hope for is an ideal situation where everyone is of the same opinion and is fighting against a common goal with the same mindset. This is the ideal situation, but you and everyone else are dealing with reality, and they are not living in any utopia. Therefore, you will have to settle down for most people to be on the same page. They may have different opinions and approaches about other subjects. However, when it comes to protesting, they are thinking the same.

Understanding the inherent nature of unity 

This sort of unity is expected in a situation where you are fighting for the fundamental rights of a community. But, unfortunately, the black community has been unable to access and achieve such harmony after Martin Luther Jr. You may think that this is because of the lack of a proper and powerful leader. You won’t be wrong, but there are other reasons for your consideration. For instance, you have to think and understand that if the black community comes together and gains their rights, they will become powerful, which won’t be pleasant for many people. Most of them have been enjoying their position of power for too long. Hence, some deliberate attempts have been made and are still made to keep the community divided on the most crucial of issues.

Delving deeper and beyond the superficial ideas 

It may seem like a conspiracy theory, but you have to think from a logical point of view. You will immediately understand that there is something unusual about keeping black people from coming together. If there is discord within the community, then any fight, protest, and movement will get stalled after a little while. It is well-known that such a movement will begin with a lot of steam and potential. However, enthusiasm will start dwindling after a while, resulting in the whole situation fizzling out eventually. It is not easy to keep a movement going for years, as people do not have much patience. They are also in the habit of demanding and seeing a fast result.

The benefit will be widespread 

When you are fighting against a system that has been in place for a long time, it will take time for the change to happen. Moreover, you will have to remember that the change cannot be superficial. It has to be powerful and deep-rooted enough; otherwise, it will not work as well as hoped. Along with taking the movement forward, it is also necessary for others to keep on Supporting black people. Whether you are a part of the community or belong to another race, it is essential to support the people peacefully fighting against the system. You cannot deny or ignore the fact that it will be equally beneficial for everyone if the change comes.

Providing the right kind of support is also necessary 

The support you can provide to the people can be varied, and it can take many faces, but you have to remember that it is crucial to provide the support. A movement needs steam to move forward, and that comes from the people and their passion. People can remain passionate and entirely devoted to the cause only when they do not have to worry about anything else. When you are protesting against police brutality against black people or the rigged legal system, if you have to think about picking up your dry cleaning or booking the next appointment to the doctors or buy groceries, you won’t be present in the movement correctly. Your distraction will clearly show in your presence which won’t be beneficial for the cause. Hence, if you are in no position to participate in the movement, you can end support and help others make it a success. Together it is possible to put an end to oppression, and it is time to create that unified front.


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