Celebrating African American Family is Vital for the Continued Growth of African American Community in the USA 

 September 19, 2021

By  Chris

The history of the black community in the USA is colourful and complicated. From being forcefully brought to the country as slaves to centuries of working to build the country, from fighting for and getting the freedom to overcome one after another hurdle, the African American community in the USA has experienced a lot. Hence, the little celebratory occasions held every year seem special. However, they are never enough, especially when the still present oppression and discrimination are considered. Nevertheless, despite all these issues, there is no denying that the community and its people have some exceptional occasions to celebrate, commemorating the past and growing from there.

The Black History Month and its implication 

If you are wondering what can be such an occasion, then the topic of Black History Month will be the one that comes to mind. Celebrated every year in February, this is the occasion for the whole country to revisit black history, remember the long and arduous fights of the community and the victory. Black History Month is not just a designated period where everything related to the community will be celebrated. Once it is over, everything will be forgotten. It is the time to remind the people of the country of a community and its history, fraught with oppression and protests equally.

The themes and their careful selection every year 

Every year, the theme of the focal point of Black History Month changes. The topic is decided after much deliberation and care. Each of the issues holds special meaning to the community and its people. It is also to be remembered that the implication and importance of the problem and the community are for the whole country, though some people forget or deliberately ignore this fact. Therefore, the occasion is not merely to remind everyone of the community’s struggle as a whole; instead, it is about the fight and wins. In 2021, the topic of Black History Month was African American families, which is a crucial topic from various perspectives.

The misconceptions influencing the community and beyond 

There are several misconceptions regarding the African American family structure. Though it is not wrong always, or the idea does have some truth underneath, it is not the entire truth. Many other ethnicities, especially Caucasians, believe that the black family structure is not normal or sound. The black men are often considered abandoners of their family, responsibility, and children. The black women are either too busy controlling everyone or trying their hardest to earn enough money to feed everyone. Adding drugs, poverty, illegal activities, and many more only increases the problems further.

The facts that create the base of the misconceptions 

In short, the typical black family structure has an absent father, a hardworking mother, no sense of financial security, and extensive dependency on various government schemes, or so people think. There are some facts behind the growth of such a belief, but it is not entirely accurate or always true. An African American family can be as average as any other ethnicity and racial group. The issues plaguing the black community and family unit are present in the other communities. However, the acknowledgment of the same may not happen as easily. If you ask for people’s opinions, it will be conveyed that everything wrong with the black community began from the issues with their family units.

Revisiting history and getting your facts straight 

The celebration of Black History Month is almost a century old now. That may bring forth questions about the importance and need for such an occasion. If you also feel doubtful about this occasion and its significance in today’s world, it is time to become aware and acknowledge certain facts. For instance, you need to know that many historical facts and truths are not taught in American schools. Hence, a large section of the young generation either does not get to know about the reality, or they get misled. This is why; the misconceptions about the black community and its various practices are still prevailing. Black History Month is one of the most effective methods of revisiting that history and getting the facts straightened.

The features of the black community and its structure 

Like every community, the African American section of society also comes with its characteristics and inherent traits. Family is the smallest yet most powerful unit that makes the community. Therefore, judging the people and their situation solely based on some ideas and misrepresentation won’t be right. The problems plaguing the black community are present and affecting other ethnic groups. Yet, only one section of the population is getting highlighted for that. Instead of this misdirected sense of truth, the designated time for focusing on the black community and its history should be used to peruse facts.

Focusing on something crucial will help to fight the oppression 

Family and family structure have always been crucial for the African American community. It continues to do so, but these misconceptions are hurting the units. Hence, it is time to put more importance on the fact and unlearn the false claims. Supporting and focusing on the family unit will help the community grow. That is why; black people should take more care to dispel mistaken ideas and beliefs. Blacks United is trying its best to help the community focus on what is vital. At the moment, along with everything else, the family unit is one of the priorities. They are planning to elucidate further the African American community and other ethnic groups of the same.


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