Blacks United 

Black Unity Starts Here...

Like NEVER before, Blacks in America are ignoring our past stereotypes and we are beginning to come together with a purpose and a newfound trust towards other Black People. Making our Black community stronger than ever before. But, Black Americans still have a lot of work to do on ourselves if, we want to be collectively successful!

It is a known fact, Black People in the United States have a trust issue. The unwillingness to trust each other has become a serious issue. Our inability to trust, has made it difficult for Black People to unify. And this single issue has caused Black People to suffer in many areas. Not being able to recognize commonalities, has allowed (others outside of our race) to divide us as a strategy that has always worked! And, it has worked around any issue, subject or cause, when others find it advantageous to their cause. Several (Black) organizations have tried to help with this issue by pointing out how others have profited by keeping Black People divided. These Black Organizations have had minimal success in combatting this issue. Their results have everything to do with "trust."  Often, it is this single issue that stands in the Black Man's way to gaining collective and individual success! So, unity and trust must be achieved (at all cost) FIRST before the Black Race in America can achieve unity or advance in other ways. The issues Black People face has to due with systematic mind control which, we must conquer in order to achieve our success! 

Blacks United's effort to unite Black People, begins with two small actions. 1) to help Black People to understand and agree that unity among Black People is a problem and it is paramount that we overcome this problem AT ALL COST! and; 2) As Black People we must learn to trust one another.  Of course, we will always have those who will deceive us. But, when you eat a bad hamburger and it is not good, you don't stop eating hamburgers, you find someone else who makes a better product! THIS IS SHOULD BE THE SAME WITH US! Blacks United plans to produce a product that you can be proud of!

So, at Blacks United we are setting out to UNITE a group of Black People who have the desire to unite and who will allow Blacks United to earn your trust by "testing Blacks United" to see if we handle your $10/yr. the way we say that we will.

If we do what we say we will do, you should not only want to join but, will encourage others to join as well!   

 We ask for a small financial amount, as a way to instill trust between Blacks as it relates to money. The idea is, to trust with a small amount of money ($10) and allow Blacks-United to prove ourselves worthy for you to be a part of what we are creating. 

Will you join us?

Who We Are

We are fundamentally a place, a platform, a niche for the African-American population of the US to come together and create a united front to deal with societal, economic and other issues we are facing. It is our fight against the stereotypes which have been plaguing society for decades and keeping the black community at a significant disadvantage even to this day. We are bringing you the chance to do something actively to achieve the dream Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of and change society for a better tomorrow.

Ushering in an era of change

Not everyone within a community or society can actively join a movement, despite wishing nothing else. There are various issues and limitations, and for that, they get judged. By joining us, you will also become an active member in bringing change to society, the country and the world. It will be empowering and liberating.

Standing as a united front

Every day in the news, you get to see various kinds of injustice done to the African-American community in the country and worldwide. From injustice against an individual to a whole country, the picture is getting sadder and the situation more dangerous every day. Having a united front can help to fight a large portion of this injustice.

Resolving various issues

Among the multiple stereotypes about the black community, some commonest are regarding lack of education and crippling laziness. Together, it will be easier to change this misconception by spreading awareness and arranging better education for less fortunate individuals, families and communities. This way, resolution can be found for different issues.

Community Goals

At present, the goal of our community is to grow and increase our members as much as possible. After handling this country, the next goal will take us towards the global platform. In the meantime, we are focused on creating a close-knit community with a united front fighting the injustice being done to us and the stereotypes being used to keep us from achieving our dreams and goals.

They Say

Peter Strauss

"I have been witnessing injustice being done to my African-American brothers and sisters for years. I always thought we could fight this together, and Blacks United is proving me and my theory right. Together we can, and we will."

Julia Stewart

"After the recent incidents of police brutality and societal injustice done to the black community, it is high time that we do something to change this thought process. Blacks United has the right goal in mind, and I am proud to have joined."

Steven Fry

We so much needed a place where we could voice our opinions on the injustices being done to our fellow Black people and that opinion will be heard. This organization gave that to us. I am glad that I joined at the right time.

Amelia Ward

I thought we would be left faceless, voiceless and nobody to support our rights as has always happened in the past. But Blacks United is giving me back the hope that times will change so I have my full support for them.