Different Black Associations in America and Changing the Face of Fight Against Racial Discrimination 

 September 1, 2021

By  Chris

Any fight, movement, and protest require a leader to follow, for the common people. So far, all such conflicts have been led by people of extraordinary merits and talents. When such a person had come forward and shown their support for the movement, others didn’t hesitate even once in following them. The world hasn’t forgotten Martin Luther King Jr. and many others. They had actively taken the leadership role and helped the black community and other oppressed communities to fight against discrimination and win the fight. It has never been easy, but at present, it seems the issues have grown exponentially, primarily due to the lack of such a leader whom people believe in. This is the age of Black Associations in America.

A void has been created, and it can be felt

It may seem a little surprising, but there is no denying that a void is influencing and shaping the new age movements of the black community. Various black associations are taking up the responsibility of bringing people together and inspiring them to fight against oppression and systematic discrimination. They are doing a good job. If you are finding it hard to believe, then it is time to look into present America and the various movements and protests against the oppressing racial ideologies and practices in the country. One of the most prominent movements is well-known in the world these days, the Black Lives Matter movement.

A picture of the present scenario and beyond

If you go through the history of this movement, it will become clear that there isn’t a leader; instead, common people have come together and banded against the oppressing system handling the country. There is no denying that racial hate crime has grown exponentially in the country in the last few years, and the colored communities are living under immense fear of discrimination and even death. Society and community cannot keep on living like this; protest is required, and people need to band together to show solidarity. In such a situation, you may consider the presence of a leader who will be showing people the way, but that is not possible or feasible at the moment.

The black associations are taking over, and rightly so

This is why; the associations are taking over the responsibility. The most crucial two points of any movement are to ensure its continuity and people’s involvement. If people start to lose interest in a campaign, it cannot go on for long. If the movement begins to lose steam, it will come to its end fast, which will be a waste of the energy, hope, and faith of everyone involved. When a movement begins, it intends to change certain things in society. Yes, the changes do not come in one day. It takes much time for the changes to take place and become part of everyday life. It is the responsibility of people to retain the movement and ensure its life till then.

Considering the present trend carefully

Keeping the present trend and situation in mind, it is wishful thinking even to consider that one person can lead millions of people to ensure that certain results can be achieved. It is bound to create much stress for that person, and it may also cause the movement to lose track and get categorized as a fleeting trend. Instead of a person, if an association comes to the foreground and takes up the responsibilities, the movement can continue without facing much inner tension. Moreover, the accumulated stress will be divided amongst people and won’t be harming anyone exclusively. As present black associations in the country are doing this, they are changing the façade of the black movement.

Small movements and protests are happening locally

It’s been a long time that various smaller movements and protests have been going on against oppressing systems and practices in the country. Unfortunately, certain stereotypes have taken deep root inside the mind of people from other communities. They are influencing people’s perception of the black community and its achievement. If you do not want this to continue and keep on spiling future generations, then it is time to participate in the protests actively. It is also time to focus on a single countrywide movement instead of small and localized ones. The smaller ones are effective, but most of the time, their impact does not last long.

It is time to band together and fight the big fight

As part of a small movement, you may achieve success. It may happen fast depending on the support the protest garners. Once the movement dies down, though, people do not give much thought to it, and hard-earned changes tend to get obscured and overlapped by something newer and shinier. Instead of such smaller protests, the associations should create a movement that will spread all across the country and instigate more extensive changes. It won’t be easy, but that does not mean attempts should not even be made. With their newfound capabilities and importance, the black associations should band together and create a movement that will influence positive changes in society for the coming decades.

Associations and their impact on the present and future

Blacks United has been trying to bring the black community together and make them aware of the importance of working together. They are also trying to focus on the associations and how they are and can change the façade of various movements from the black community. If this trend continues, it will be possible to achieve goals these associations have set for the coming days.


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