Black history month celebration of diversity and African culture pride as a multi cultural celebration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Blacks United?

Blacks United stands for the association of black community.

What is Purpose of the Blacks United?

To build unity among Black People. The reason there is a fee tied to Blacks United is to build trust with other Black People using a nominal amount. Black People in the past have not trusted each other with money. So, $10 per year is used in building trust in this community. The amount is small enough as not to put a burden on the giver and to allow Blacks United to build enough trust in doing exactly what we promise with all the money and that are:

1. All donations are to be deposited into a Black bank and done electronically so, that there are no human hands involved in handling the money. It will help to ensure Blacks United to move in the direction where it says it is going.

2. No money will be withdrawn expect for necessary expenses. Expenses are kept to a minimum in order to have a substantial amount in three (3) years to hold a convention.

3. In three (3) years, Blacks United with hold a convention to:

a) Celebrate the accomplishment of the Unity of Black People

b) To exchange the operation of Blacks United to a shared ownership where the members will decide how will operate in the future and;

c) How the money collected (up to the point of the convention) will be utilized and the future plan of action for the organization to move forward.

Who will able to become a member?

Any individual can be a member of Blacks United. Any person who pays a minimum $10 can become a member. (NOTE: if a larger amount is donated, that person will be considered a member) There is no restriction on race, religion, political preferences, and nationality to become a member. However, only those of the Black Race will be able to vote and participate in how the direction of the organization. The same rules will apply to an organization except, an organization must pay a minimum of $100/yr and participate at the Onyx Level.

What would be the benefits of the member of this community?

There are several benefits of being a member of Blacks United. There are three different membership plans and the benefits of each are:


Each EBONY member

• Individuals are allowed to become a member of Blacks United Worldwide at the Ebony Level only.

• They will also be eligible to attend the Convention

• Receive quarterly newsletter


Each ONYX member

• Receives all benefits of EBONY Member PLUS:

• Discount on Convention Ticket

• This is entry level for an Organization to become a part of Blacks United


Each ONYX member PLUS:

• Everything Onyx Membership gets plus

• Complimentary Admission to Convention

• Lifetime Membership

How long the membership will be valid?

Except for Jet Black all memberships are good for 1 year from the date of Signup.

Where the money will be deposited?

All money received shall be automatically electronically deposited directly into a bank. Untouched by human hands! Preferably, a Black Bank and into a savings account. No money shall be touched except for fees, supplies and equipment for the organization to sustain itself until the National Convention in 2023.

Who will able to be the office holder?

No Office Holder will be selected until the National Convention in May of 2023. At that time, anyone who is a member shall be able to vote. Only a person of Black origin can become an Office Holder. Terms and specifics of Office Holders shall be determined at the National Convention.

Who is head of the Blacks United?

Blacks United has no leader!  Office Holder(s) shall be elected by the membership at the National Convention in 2023.

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