How an African American Association Can Help the Black Community Gain Its Rights and Position? 

 July 25, 2021

By  Blacks United

The fight of the African American community in the country has been centuries-long. Over the years, the movement has changed its approach and outlook a little, but the core strength has remained the same. The leadership has changed, philosophies and ideologies have changed a little because modernization is necessary to survive in this time, but that is not hampering the movement. Whether it is the Black Lives Matter movement or the program forcing the justice system to look into incarcerated people of colour, African American association in the USA is doing its bit to introduce change.

Change is a lengthy and continuous process 

It is a known fact that change does not come in one day. It takes longer for the need for change to be recognized. People have to fight for decades to get legislation to pass and get it implemented in relevant areas all over the country. It is not an easy or prompt process. From the formation of the fight to getting more people to join it, from creating the first draft of the law to getting it implemented, the journey is long and challenging. Hence, there is a need for patient and active people in the associations handling African American issues.

Past can be inspiring, but the present has to be more capable 

If a community is to get its rights and position, then looking into the past and following the footsteps of past leaders aren’t going to be enough. This is because the method used to be practical and helpful a few decades ago may not be suitable enough for this age. With time, everything changes, including people and their thought processes. Therefore, any movement, protest, and movement have to resonate with the present time, people, and their thoughts. If the campaign cannot find and understand people’s pulse, then it won’t last long.

The goals and core values of the movement are essential 

Whatever movement is going on or people are getting ready for has some core values and goals. Those values and goals have to be relevant enough for people; otherwise, they won’t find any interest in joining. It may seem unusual, but you have to consider that one incident may be enough for beginning a protest, but continuing it will require a lot more than that. People need to feel inspired and not like weapons to be used once and left behind. As part of the association, the leaders and other people closely associated with the movement clearly understand this premise.

Motivating and keeping people involved in necessary 

You may be a part of the African American community and the association, but that is not enough. You need to become integral to this whole process with the capacity and intention of staying on for as long as required. Losing motivation and the sight of the final goal are two of the biggest reasons behind protests and movements losing people and steam everywhere. You cannot let that happen with the African American community. Instead, you have to ensure that people remain motivated and the protests continue till the goals are fulfilled. Then, the association can function as a beacon of hope for people. The collective work of everyone will help the community gain its rights and positions.

Blacks United

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