How the BIPOC Community Members are Helping Change the Country Slowly but Surely? 

 July 7, 2021

By  Blacks United

The fight of the people of colour in the USA has been pretty old. It began way before the civil war, and sadly, it is continuing. In this modern age, when the whole world is interested in further changes and bringing in new beliefs, one of the most advanced countries is still fighting racing injustice, crimes, and issues. America is essentially a country of immigrants, and it’s long been proven that the people who came from Europe had not been kind or helpful, or considerate towards the native people living in the land. Therefore, the issues had been there from the beginning, and BIPOC Community Members are dealing with both the age-old ones and the newer ones cropping up now.

Understanding the BIPOC and its works

The BIPOC is an abbreviation of the much longer-term Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. This is a term that brings everyone other than Caucasians under the same umbrella. Though the kind of injustice and crimes happening against the communities are slightly different in nature in the different parts of the country, the reason behind all of them had been the same, hate. There is a significant section of people in the country who believes that they are superior to other people and communities simply because of the colour of their skin. This is one of the most delusional ideas a person can have, but it is here.

The ways racial injustice keeps on happening

From subtle ways of not acknowledging the issues faced by people of colour in the country to outright denying their rights, injustice, and crime happen in every area. From business to entertainment, from education to prestigious jobs, everything comes under this problem. Various stereotypes keep on fueling the hate against the black, indigenous, and people of colour. For instance, it is always thought that a young black person is rowdy, has no interest in education or getting a job, and wants to live their lives on handouts from the government. An Asian person is always looking for ways to take away the job or any other facilities a Caucasian may have and many more.

The fight of the indigenous people is growing fiercer

The indigenous people, along with fighting the hate crimes and blatant disrespect against their beliefs and practices, also have to deal with various powers trying to take away their lands. From fracking to setting up a new industry, everything requires to happen on the grounds of the indigenous people. They are being forced to let go of their lands, whether scared or not and live in designated places. The other implications of these practices are not even being considered by the corporations and their need to make more money. In short, the issues are multi-faceted, and they have been plaguing the people of the country for quite some time now.

How the community members are helping the fight

The BIPOC community members are building their defence against it on every front. One community cannot go after every issue. There is a lack of resources, from money to people, from time to experts. Hence, it is better to work together and create a connection between communities, which will help forge stronger relationships while fighting various issues. Moreover, all these communities may be facing several different problems. However, there is one common ground for all of them, racial injustice and hate crimes. The community members are not merely spearheading the fights and movements. They are also inspiring the younger generations to fight for what is right.

The responsibilities of a BIPOC community member

Fighting, protesting, and trying to change the world for a between tomorrow is always appreciated because that is the world where the next generation will grow up. The previous generation’s responsibilities do not end with creating that world through. Their responsibilities end when they inspire a new generation of people to keep fighting and ensuring that injustice and other such negativities do not get the chance to recapture the new world.

Blacks United

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