How the Birth and Growth of an African American Association can Help the Community? 

 July 4, 2021

By  Blacks United

Since the very beginning, one of the most significant issues witnessed in the African American community is the lack of unity and communication. If you have been keeping an eye on the history of this community in the USA for the last few decades, then this discord will become very clear to anyone. The various protest and movements that have happened regarding the multiple issues this community had been facing only were capable of bringing the people together for a little while. This is why; the birth and birth and growth of African American associations is so crucial in the country. Moreover, you also have to remember that the win of the African Americans paves the way for other coloured communities as well.

The importance and implication of an association

The next question you will have to encounter is why and how such an association can be handled and promoted to help people. The answer will surprise you, to say the least. This is because most people do not even care what is happening with others immediately outside their homes or families or friend circle or so used to be the belief. The recent Black Lives Matter movement has proved that to be not true. People are here, and they do care. The only issue is that all their rage, passion, care, and helping mindset does not have the proper channel. All these emotions can create great things and bring forth many changes when adequately channelized and handled.

People and their passion for doing something

People always want to be a part of something greater, bigger, and much more powerful. This usually happens through the various associations scattered all over the country. However, as there is no single organization, the efforts tend to fall flat after a level. You need to understand that any action, any movement begins with a ferocity to change things. However, after some time, it starts losing steam. It tends to get involved in a lot of red tapes that people do not usually consider. This is why; the birth and growth of an association are vital for the country and its various communities.

Proper support is required for every movement to continue

In a lull season when the movement is slowing down, people are losing their rage, and the passion is mellowing down; they require a proper structure to see them through the hurdles. These associations can get them through such pesky issues but with strong leadership. Now, most people think that a leader or leadership may signify only an individual working as the flag bearer of the issue, which is not true. An association can also take the place of a leader if it is doing the right thing by helping people find their voice and purpose. The beginning of every association remains a little shaky and unstructured, but with time, this changes.

The hope for a better future is there

Under the leadership of a proper structure and ideology, people learn to channel their passion, faith, and dreams properly. Once these emotions get appropriate ways of expressing themselves, they start bringing forth changes. At first, these changes are small and almost negligible, but with time everything comes together to create the tapestry of success. To handle all these people and their thoughts, one individual is not enough. There is a need for a proper association. The African Americans are building themselves some that will prove beneficial for the future.

Blacks United

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