How Vital is the Unification of Black People in the USA Against Systematic Oppression? 

 September 27, 2021

By  Chris

Presenting a unified front is necessary and beneficial for every movement because a single person or even a bunch of people cannot make a campaign successful. A protest march or a movement against an existing system will require the participation of a large number of people. Having a unified front is necessary to ensure that the goals of the campaign are achieved. Hence, it is essential for Black People Together in the USA to continue the fight. If they are not united, it will be next to impossible to continue against a system already rigged against them.

The importance of unity of the community has been high since the beginning 

Since the very beginning of the fight of black people against oppression in the country, unity had been one of the most significant and common factors. Everywhere and every time, when people came together, their fight gained traction, and they won or created opportunities for winning. Almost everything can be achieved if you are united against the oppressor. This is why; the hateful people and oppressors are afraid of black people getting together and fighting for a cause. They know that if the community’s people come together, the fight will continue and come to a successful culmination.

The oppressor tried to disrupt the unity 

This fear is one of the reasons that the oppressors do not want the black community to come together, and hence, they keep on sowing discord in people. Unity is crucial, and achieving the same is not easy. You also have to remember that as per the natural course of things, it is not easy or possible to bring everyone under the same banner and make them support one cause or agenda. No matter where or when, if a group of people is coming together for any purpose, it will never be the whole community. A few people will be unwilling to share their views and ideas and support people fighting against discrimination.

What does unity stand for and its actual implication? 

Unity of any community or group always means and indicates the more significant number, not the absolute number, because that is impossible. The same logic applies to the Black Lives Matter movement. Hence, people within the community do not support the mass protests and other methods taken up by people to demonstrate their anger and frustration against the existing rigged system. Every black association is trying to get through to these people and bring them to the fold to fight alongside the other members of the community. Despite such detailed and whole-hearted attempts, some gaps cannot be bridged, which is better this way.

Maintaining unity requires work and involvement 

Presenting a united front, to the people the community is fighting against, also means not allowing any gap or weak point to remain and be shown. It is not easy, but certain steps can make this possible, and one of them is not forcing everyone to participate. Whether you have experience leading a group of people for a movement or protest, it is necessary to remember that, along with the number, the intention of the group matters too. If there is doubt in the mind of people, then the movement cannot progress with a single-minded aim. In addition, you will have to face several issues because there is discord amongst people. Hence, it is better to accept the people coming to join the movement voluntarily and not force anyone who does not want to be a part of it.

Understanding that not everyone is needed 

Unification is vital for the continued fight of the black people against systematic oppression, but that does not mean including anyone, even the people who will cause more harm than good. It will not be easy to sway neutral people; adding those against the idea will be more challenging. Hence, one should understand the meaning of unity, not merely in a literal way but also in an all-encompassing way. You have to keep in mind that the unified front of the black community is a hard-earned victory, and there are forces that do not want this unity to continue. Therefore, you have to be careful and try to protect the unity as much as possible. Without proper protection, the outside forces will find gaps and chances to meddle, which won’t be good for the black community or the movement.

Coming together and staying together are equally crucial 

For the success of Black Lives Matter and other movements against systematic oppression, unity of the black community is necessary. However, it should not be compromised in any way. Bringing people together for a cause is not challenging, but keeping them together and fighting for the same is more complicated. Hence, it will be better to focus on the unity and its continuation and taking care of the factors which can jeopardize the community’s coming together and fighting against the existing system. Blacks United is dedicated to encouraging and supporting the unity of the black community. They have been doing that successfully and carefully so far. For additional information on the topic and becoming a part of the movement, please get in touch with them.


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