In the Present Situation What Can be Done for Supporting Black People in the USA? 

 July 9, 2021

By  Blacks United

If you think of yourself to be an ally of the black people in the US, then the above-mentioned question is standard, and finding an answer to it is necessary. When a movement takes place, a large section of the population gets involved and participates in the various programs. From protest marches to bring sustenance to the people actively taking part in the demonstrations, from taking part in events to protesting in multiple ways, people do many things. The same had been true regarding the Black Lives Matter movement. Through these ways, supporting black people in the USA was made possible for allies.

The issues that crop after the activities begin to fade 

The problem begins when the manic activities start to subside. A movement goes on for decades, but the visible activities cease after a period. It is not possible to keep on arranging marches, protests, and such demonstrations every day. Along with taking part in these events, people have their regular life to look after too. They have families, jobs, businesses, and other responsibilities to get back to. During such a period, several people think that the movement has lost its focus. The allies and other people who have been supportive of the activities so far find themselves at a loss.

Some pointers towards reality and beyond 

Not having a clear directive to follow often confuse people because, for a considerable section of the allies, the fight against racism is a conscious choice. Not everyone gets the opportunity to grow up in a loving, accepting, and tolerant family. They learn something during their childhood, and with age and experience, they break that mould and grow into better human beings. For these people, having a clear path is necessary. They do support the fight against the Black in America. However, they also often get confused regarding the importance and implication of their actions.

Admitting your problems will help in finding solutions 

There is nothing wrong is letting yourself admit when you are feeling lost. Help is available from the community and the associations. In their fight against racism, the community has learned many things, and one of the most crucial lessons was to learn how to help the allies. If someone does not belong to the black community directly, they will find it tough to understand the nature of the discrimination. For example, a white male or female is not very likely to be questioned regarding the authenticity of their qualification or even their residence in a particular city area. In comparison, a black person has to deal with these issues every day.

Fighting the casual racism experienced by the black community 

A white patient may refuse treatment based on the skin colour and ethnicity of the attending physician, and despite it seeming ridiculous, such incidents are almost regular in the US. Among all these, allies, especially those who have understood the problem later in their lives, may feel confused. Therefore, it will be better to help them find ways to continue their education on the topic and help the community. For instance, an ally can do their best to protest against the casual examples of racism happening around them every day. Change does not occur all at once; it begins at the smallest scale and then spread across society. At present, as an ally, one can do their best to support the black community and protest against the smallest instances of racism.

Blacks United

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