Is Being Black in America a Crime – What the Youth Thinks of the Present Situation? 

 August 16, 2021

By  Chris

The Black Rights Movement is not new in America. It has been going for centuries with different names and leaders, but the structure has remained the same always. People have been fighting for their fundamental rights and against blatant discrimination against them. Whatever rights the black community has in the country today is because of one fight or the other. Therefore, it is pretty clear that being Black in America is full of various complications and discriminations. Today’s youth is well aware of both the history and the present situation. Hence, they have their opinion on the matter. As future citizens and powerhouses of the country, their opinion matters a lot.

Becoming aware of the issues and future leaders 

Most young people are getting aware of the discrimination happening against the community in every sector. Instead of becoming worried or frustrated, they are getting educated on the issues plaguing the country and its people. Then, based on their experience and knowledge, they are coming up with solutions for the problems. People like Amanda Gorman, Simone Biles, and others are working as inspiration and beacons of hope. Their accomplishments and leadership in various areas are helping people to hope and dream of reaching new heights. These people are leading from the front, and they are doing their part in changing the country and existing systems.

Disillusionment is happening rapidly 

Despite these bright young minds and their attempts to make life better, things are not changing fast enough. Unless a black person belongs to truly privileged family background, the present scenario is not looking up to anyone. The African American youth is currently sandwiched between two precise positions in society. In one end, they are getting disillusioned about their position and contribution to the country. On the other, they are still hoping for a better tomorrow. It is a known fact that the young generation always works as the catalyst in introducing any change in any country, society, and community structure.

The various issues faced by a young black person 

If the country’s young people start to lose hope and faith in the system, people, and each other, then the country can never progress. At present, despite the better government being in power, the daily struggle of a young black person is not getting better and is far from being vanished. Every day, young black people are losing their hopes and dreams because they face harsh reality in various ways. From being questioned about their intention at an airport to being stopped from entering the building they live in, from asking to prove their educational qualification to being stooped at traffic for no reason, things are happening to them every day.

Humanity is failing every day in protecting people 

Adding the factor of police brutality where the chance of a black kid getting scot-free from the police after being stopped at a red light or while walking home is way less than that of a white kid, the young people are being forced to reevaluate their position in the present society. Though they are far from losing hope in the system and faith from people, the fight is getting harder. Today a little black child knows that if the police stop their car at any point in time, they have to remain calm and ready to cooperate with the police. It may seem like an excellent societal development, but it is a complete failure of humanity. African American Association is helping people understand this.

How the young black people are taking charge 

In this present situation, the country’s black youth is ready to do their part and change the way things get perceived in this country. They are eager to take up the cause and help shape the country to become better. The enthusiastic kids of today honestly give hope to the older generation. However, the real ones know that this hope won’t take them far. After getting discriminated against time and again, after facing stereotyping and racism in every aspect of life, these young people are bound to lose faith in people. The Black Lives Matter movement is giving hope back to many people, but how long it can be sustained is a powerful question, and the answer is not readily available. The young people are still ready to take up the mantle and help the country and their community, but how long that continues is pertinent.

Addressing both the problems of the present and future 

It can be said that a regular young black person from an ordinary background does not consider being African American in the country as a crime or fault. However, if the present display of racism and hate continues, they are bound to change their thought process and perspective regarding the system. Hence, the fight, the movement, and protest need to be against the age-old issues but against the present-day problems as well. Changing the root is necessary; simultaneously, creating the base to fight both present and future problems is equally vital.


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