It is High Time for the African American Community to Unite and Fight Against Discrimination 

 July 3, 2021

By  Blacks United

The fight of the African American people is not new, and it is not limited only to the US, but the happenings in the country are being focused upon at the moment. Hence, that is the premise of the discussion of this piece. African American community has been dealing with oppression, discrimination, and racism for a long time, and they have fought against them for equally long. The problem had been with communication and unity. Despite knowing that protesting and fighting are the most effective ways to gain their rights, some people seem reluctant to get associated with any movement.

The fight of the black community against oppression 

So far, the black community has been quite active in protecting against the country’s oppressive and discriminatory justice system. The Black Lives Matter movement has been gaining momentum, but that is not the end of the line. There is further to explore and more to work upon. It is necessary to understand that, to bring many positive changes in society, working towards that goal tirelessly will be the best decision. For that purpose, the community has to unite as one, making the fight more powerful and somehow easier to handle.

Unity has become essential for the community 

Unity has been a crucial reason behind the failure of several movements and programs in the past because people could not come to the same conclusion or accept the same ideologies. The same can happen now, but there is another point one must remember concerning the protests happening today. Your ideology may differ, your perspective may vary from one another. However, the end goal is the same for every African American. The fight is against racism, the hate crimes which are killing black people all over the country. Hence, every African American association should focus on building unity at the moment. Bringing the whole community under one banner and helping them understand the goal is necessary.

Putting an end to the oppressive ways of the authorities 

The authorities and administration have always taken advantage of the discord within a community, notwithstanding the country, races involved, period, or other factors. The oppressor knows that if the oppressed get united, then their regime will get over very soon. This is why they propagate and manifest discord in people and threaten their unity. They often get successful too, but that practice should stop now. It is time to understand that, by refusing to unite against the forces, people are only causing further harm to themselves and the community. The deaths that are happening all over the country won’t stop because people will stop hating others suddenly.

It is time to get involved and become active 

You may have remained passively interested in the various fights of the black community so far, but a time comes when it becomes pertinent to get involved. There is a limit to how much should be tolerated and also the time when you need to put an end to the wrongs. That time has arrived in the US. People from the African American community have been tolerating injustice and racial hate, and other issues for centuries. It is time to bring in a positive change to make tomorrow better. This is why; unity of the community is so crucial at the moment.

Blacks United

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