The slogan “Black Lives Matter,” has grown from the voice of protest to a global movement uniting people across race, nationality, cultures and opinions. From “taking the knee” at football stadiums in the English Premier League to carrying slogans across the streets of some of the most populous and busy cities in the world, “Black lives matter” has pervaded every nationality and organization in the world akin to a sincere cry of the heart. Starting as a rallying call against injustice and Racism, it evolved into a global movement that aims to provide a pillar around which this widely spread but extensively divided “Black Community” can rally.

What is Blacks United?

Blacks United is a community that aims to unite the Black community by fostering trust and instilling a sense of identity and pride in the Black community. The goal is to form a close-knit community with a united front against injustice and stereotypes associated with the Black community, Blacks United provides a platform for the people of the Black community to unite, rediscover their identity and heritage and usher in a new era of change.

What is Juneteenth?

The date 19th June holds a special significance in the US Black Community if sometimes subdued in modern times. In the fight to obtain equal rights as White People, the Black community convinced itself that integration and assimilation was the way forward, and in doing so, lost the clear picture of Juneteenth, prompting the question that should have never had to be asked: “What is Juneteenth.” What was the symbol of identity, unity and history became just another entry on the list of national holidays in the United States.
The goal to unite the Black community, according to Blacks United, hinges on realization and trust. Recognizing the existing division and realization of the need to unite the Black community, and Trust in one another. Drawing from this, Juneteenth forms a pivotal role in achieving these two requirements. With its historical significance, it strikes at the heart of every member of the Black community in the United States and provides the offset to every single setback the Black community has faced in the past 100 years that has made their self-reliance akin to passing willow, especially the Red Summer of 1919. The summer of 1919, three years into the Great Migration, saw Black people suffer the hate and vengeful killings of white mobs who targeted war veterans of the black community returning from World War I. Several Places including Florida, Washington and Chicago saw large-scale mass murder that laid irreparable damage to the Black community. This belied Juneteenth and all that it stood for since it was a federal holiday celebrated in the United States since 1865.

Cancel Culture

This is not to say such hostile nature is still widespread in today’s day and age, apart from the alarming cases like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, a measure of racism extensively in the form of “cancel culture” very much does exist. Instances of this can be found in all levels of society; Formula One banned drivers wearing T-shirts during post-podium ceremonies after Lewis Hamilton wore a T-shirt that read “George say his name Floyd” on the back and “Arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor” on the front. Or, Afua Hirsch found herself targeted by her own right-wing press for accepting an invitation to speak with the UK Home Office and speaking about anti-racism. These further grind at the self-confidence and drive of the Black community and push their own people to keep their silence and unconsciously hide the culture that truly makes them an integral part of our global community.


Blacks United aims to harness the collective effort and financial prowess of the Black community that boasts a spending power of $1.3 trillion to help the community find self-reliance and unity, as well as control its economy. In doing so, we seek to help Black People in the United States truly accept our culture and history and pave the way forward to a future that we can be proud of.