Why Join our community

Bringing change in society and people's minds is no easy feat, and one person cannot do it, despite trying their hardest. This is why; unity and building a community are needed where the members are inspired by the same theory and ideology and want to achieve a collective goal for the betterment of the community. By joining our community, you are becoming part of changing society and attaining the goal of justice and freedom for the BIPOC community members.

The Ideology

It is to identify and acknowledge ourselves as black people first. We have to focus on this point before extrapolating to other issues.

Your Role in the Process

As a member of the BIPOC community, you are well aware of the problem you and others face on a daily basis. This is your chance to do better by actively getting involved with the process of putting an end to injustice, oppression, exploitation, putting down, and unnecessary stereotyping.

Joining the Community

You can join Blacks Unites with a meager amount of $10 a year, or you can pay $5000 and become a founding member. Whatever the amount you are paying, you will become a part of a global community involving black people.

One-on-one Consultation

Change does not happen overnight. It requires active effort from people. The process faces a series of trials and tribunals before achieving even a sliver of success. You can begin the process with us and continue to work for the change.

Membership Plans

Any person can become a member. There is no restriction on race, religion, political preferences, and nationality to become a member. However, only those of the Black Race who become a member will be able to vote and participate in how the direction of the organization.


  • Any individual is allowed to become a member by contributing 10$ yearly.
  • This is the entry level for individuals to become a member.
  • They will be eligible to attend the convention.
  • Receive quarterly newsletter.
  • Valid for 1 year form the date of signup.



  • Receives all benefits of Onyx Membership.
  • Becomes a Founding Member by contributing $5000 directly.
  • Founding Members may sponsor 50 sub-donors at $100 each who will then be listed as Founding Members.
  • Gains exclusive special access to the member's portal on the website.
  • Gains Complimentary Admission to the Convention.
  • Lifetime Membership.