Supporting Black People in the USA at the Moment will Help in Bringing Positive Changes to the Society 

 September 15, 2021

By  Chris

If you are a member of the black community, it will be simple enough to understand that the present time is not good enough for the people of colour in the country. The racial hate and other discriminating elements are not new. However, their viciousness has increased manifolds in the last few years. Though all other communities of people of colour are suffering, it seems that the black community is suffering the most. Hence, it is time for Supporting Black People in the USA, notwithstanding your ethnicity, orientation, social standing, educational qualification, and any other qualities one can think of. After reading the previous line, one may think that the statement means people other than African Americans, but that is not true.

Understanding the concept of support

Before getting deeper into the matter, it will be wise to understand the concept of support. When you are supporting someone, it does not always mean coming out in an over-the-top way and showing the world that you support someone or an ideology. Support can be simple and understated, intending to help the people who need it. For example, your support for the black community may be buying your next bag of doughnuts from a local bakery run by an African American individual. Your support can be in babysitting your neighbour’s baby while they are attending their college course. In short, the definition of support is loose enough that it allows you to assist in your way without bringing up criteria and other aspects.

Misplaced support does more harm than good

Another point you need to remember is that you should not support something from a misplaced sense of guilt or responsibility. If you do not understand something, you should gather enough information to get a better grasp on the subject. Likewise, if you think that belonging to another ethnic group means you have to support the black community without caring about their fights and ideologies, then you should refrain. Support should come from understanding and a genuine need to help others. It applies to everyone because supporting the community and its fight is necessary whether you belong to the black community or not. When time changes and the world become a better place, it won’t be so for a selected few people; instead, it will be for everyone.

Your support is crucial, not how it is coming and how much

If you belong to the black community, then your responsibility will be more. However, it is possible that you are not ready to handle the pressure of such a task. Belonging to a particular group of people does not make you eligible for specific tasks, and one needs to understand that. As a black person, you may not be in a situation where it is possible to actively support and assist the movement going on in the country. At the same time, your restrictions and issues should not mean that you cannot do everything. There is a necessary space and roll for everyone. For example, not everyone can remain in the spotlight and lead the fight from the front. Some people need to work at the grassroots level and behind the veil to strengthen the movement.

Gaining a better grasp of how things work

You need to consider that every individual has a role to play in the movement, and all of them are equally crucial. It may not seem so because people tend to believe that the person who is remaining in the spotlight is doing all the work, but that is not true. Any protest march or movement can become successful when everyone involved with the process keeps doing their job carefully and efficiently. The person who is leading the march is taking up many risks. Likewise, the person who is remaining behind the veil and inspiring more people to join the movement is also risking a lot. It is also true that, in certain situations, you cannot remain silent. There comes a time when you have to speak up, or else everything goes beyond control.

Having a support system is necessary for a movement

Support is needed by everyone associated with the movement directly and indirectly. The person leading the campaign can continue doing so if they do not have to worry about their personal life and home. Such a person may have many responsibilities. They can receive help from a friend or relative or acquainted and even stranger. The assistance will help these people keep working tirelessly to protest against the present oppressive system and bring positive changes. The people who are working outside the spotlight are also handling crucial responsibilities. A movement can become successful only when it gets the support required for continued progress.

The different types of support you will have access to

The support may come in different manners and appearances, but that does not diminish its importance. For example, you can help the movement by donating a large amount of money. Someone else may benefit by creating, updating, and managing the ideology and agendas of the campaign. Another group or individual may help by handling the tasks of several people allowing them to take part in the movement actively. You need to understand that support may come in any manner, it is always welcome, and it also adds strength to the spine of the movement. Hence, you should try and support in any way you can and not look into the merit of the support you are providing.

Finding a worthy cause and movement to support

Blacks United have understood the importance and necessity of support from people and the different manners in which the support can come. This is why; they have created a model where everyone can contribute something and keep fueling the movement. For further details and understanding the proposed structure of the movement, visiting their website will be a wise decision.


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