How People from Other Communities can Get Involved in Supporting Black People? 

 June 21, 2021

By  Blacks United

If such a question is asked to you when you have not been directly or indirectly involved with anything that has been happening in the country over the past year, then it will seem a little weird. However, if that is not the case, then the question can make you think and conclude that you do not know the answer. Supporting black people is not hard, but it should not be done as an after-thought or as a chore or liability. You are under no legal obligation to help a neighbour or fellow human being, but what you should do is because of the humanity in you.

Being a good neighbour is not that complicated 

Helping a neighbour in need is not an alien concept, but some people tend to think that when people are taking part in a movement or protest, they do not require help on other fronts of their lives. If you also think in the same manner, then it is time for a reality check because that is no true. The thousands of people protesting and taking part in the various marches and campaigns happening are ordinary people. All of them have homes and responsibilities. They have participated in these protests and do their role in the movement because they believe in fighting against what is wrong.

The ways you can offer you help at home 

Some have come to a different city in a different part of the country, leaving behind their daily lives and responsibilities. You can be the kind neighbour there and offer to look after their pet or house-sit for them and take care of their plants. You can be kind enough to collect their laundry or remind them of an impending bill. Kindness and support come in different manners and ways. If you are unable to help in one way, ensure that you can assist in another. If you are someone living in the city where these protests are going on, you can help. Here you can be a neighbour and an ally.

Becoming an ally is nice and helpful 

You can let a few out-of-town people under your roof by providing them with a place to stay. If you own a business, then you can use this platform to inform other people about the issues and promote yourself as an ally. You can help people by keeping first aid in your car and home. Additional masks, medicine, food, sleeping bag, and anything else you can think of can help someone. If you are in no position to help in this manner, you can still be a nice enough human being to listen to the woes of these people. You can be a sympathetic ear, a shoulder to rest for a moment, and a safe space for Black in America. Giving relief to someone even for a second is helping them.

The various ways you can help a community 

Supporting a particular community can happen in several ways. You can choose your local African American bakery to buy the next lot of cupcakes or muffins. You can go to the local black salon to get your hair and nail done. You can buy all the fresh produce you need from a black farmer in the local farmer’s market. You can protest and protect an individual of color when someone is spewing hate on them. You can protest and speak out loud when you see racial injustice happening to a colleague in your office. There are various ways of helping people and make their lives a little more bearable. You will have to find the ones within your capability and keep working on them.

Blacks United

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