The BIPOC Community Members are Making the Situation Easier for a Better Fight 

 August 1, 2021

By  Chris

As a member of the African American community, it is normal to think that you are getting oppressed and discriminated against at every point. Though you are not wrong, you are not entirely correct. Along with the black people in the country, other people are getting treated the same way and, in some cases, worse. This is why; the presence of BIPOC Community Members is necessary. People who have been directly associated with the various movements against the systematic oppression done on the people of colour can tell you horror stories you cannot even imagine.

The systematic approach will take time to break 

From slavery to the barrage of torture, the Latin American community had to go through the last couple of years. Every day, something discriminatory is happening in the country. Some people are protesting and trying their hardest to bring changes, but that is not enough. In most cases, any protest begins with a lot of steam and emotions, but within some time, that effect dwindles. Nothing remains that can help the movement move forward to impact the present or future situations. This is why, against systematic discrimination, there is a need for systematic protest.

Getting a better understanding of the issue is necessary 

It is necessary for the black and other people of colour to understand that fighting for the sake of it or protesting at the heat of the moment won’t do the job anymore. It is necessary to ensure that whatever is happening today has a long-lasting effect. Without that effect and the assurance, no movement can succeed and bring forth the changes that are sorely needed at the moment. For instance, taking away the sacred land from the native Indians seem to be one of the most effective and powerful tools of oppression under the last government. It was being done with much workforce and much money because there was the promise of a better tomorrow through the industry.

How are people getting manipulated, and by whom? 

At one point, it was being said that the people who are protesting against fracking and oil and gas pipeline building are against the country’s development. At first glance, it may seem that the claim is correct, but with a little more information at hand, you will start discovering a new aspect of the whole problem. For instance, you will find that, since the beginning, the natives have been oppressed, tortured, and outright killed to establish power and keep them from their legacy and heritage. That practice continues till today despite being so outdated and against human rights. After the pandemic hit the USA, one simple sentence from the then-president was enough to create much hate against the Asian community, which killed multiple people.

Finding effective ways of fight against the problem 

Therefore, as part of an African American Association or any such place where people of colour band together and work against the oppression and discrimination they have to tolerate every day, you are well aware of the issues plaguing the country at the moment. For decades, one of the most effective ways to deal with such hate and discrimination is to teach people about racism and its negative impact on the country and society. If you have been under the same impression, then it is time to consider a few points more. Educating people is helpful, but there is a need for other more powerful steps and rules today. With education, it is possible to deal with the mass to some extent, but not entirely.

Taking a multi-faceted approach to fighting against oppression 

When you are teaching a group of people the trust history of the country, you are doing that with the belief that they will go and teach their family members. This way, the education will trickle down and turn the hateful people into at least less hostile or neutral. This may seem ideal on paper, but the reality is not going to change because of this. The trickling down and imbibing of knowledge are going to take much time. Till then, the issues will continue, and some of them will grow beyond any control. The various attacks on peaceful protests of the Black Lives Matter movement are pretty clear evidence that people will not change so quickly. Hence, it will be for the best to begin in various ways. Educating the mass is necessary, but along with that, there is a need for systematic protests and movements which will reinforce the idea of change in the mind of people. By taking this multi-faceted approach, the BIPOC members take the correct stance to fight against discrimination and hate against people of colour.


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