The Importance and Influence of Black Associations in the Protest Against Oppression and Discrimination 

 July 12, 2021

By  Blacks United

The history of oppression and discrimination against black people is a long one. Most people will tell you that the beginning was with slave trading and the way plantations used to be run. Though they are not wrong, they are not right either. If complete historical data is taken into consideration, it becomes clear that the oppression of black people and discrimination against them began as soon as the Caucasians discovered the continent of Africa, especially the dark-skinned people there. Hence, the importance of Black associations in the USA is not only in the way they can bring changes to the life of African American people but also in the way in which centuries-old fight can now be channelled towards success.

The fights that have happened and their history 

Over the years, the fights and movements of the African American people in this country have achieved success. From ending the slave trade to ending segregation and various other issues have been dealt with success. But, unfortunately, the change and development have been so that the community and country could elect an African American president for two terms in the white house. It could have been hailed as one of the biggest victories of the community over the years. However, sadly the reality was a bit different, and that is because of the next president in line.

Black people are always stereotyped in one way or the other 

Despite trying their best to fight against discrimination and stereotyping, black people have always been judged by other communities, especially the Caucasian ones. If you belong to the African American community, no matter your education, job profile, and position in society, you have experienced this discrimination at least once in your life. From being forced to stop at signals and come out of the car to being given the harshest possible punishment for the smallest of offences, from being prevented from entering one’s home to be suspected for untoward activities, everything has happened.

How young black people are perceived at present 

Black teens are one of the most discriminated groups in the country. Black fathers are considered absent from their families and children’s life. Black mothers are less likely to retain custody of their children if they mess up even once compared to a mother belonging to the Caucasian race. There are various stereotypes, including prone to violence, most likely to hurt others, most likely to steal, most likely to disrupt a class, most likely join a gang, and so on, about a black male teenager. Black women are also discriminated against, and that happens both in professional life and personal.

An incident to highlight the inherent issue 

Amanda Gorman, the black activist, is well-known all over the country for her activism, and her poetry has bestowed the honour of reading her poetry in the inauguration of the current president. It had been an honour which many people crave, and only a few have received so far. After only a few weeks of this honour, Amanda shared on her social media that she had been asked to show proof of identity before she was allowed to enter her own home. When she claimed to live in the housing community she did, she was asked humiliating questions, and doubt had been cast on her ability to afford such a place. All of this happened because of the colour of her skin.

How people of colour get treated in America 

If you are a black person or belong to any race other than Caucasian, then you are bound to face such hatred, questions, humiliation, and stereotypes all your life. The country’s previous president ruined the tide of change-making its presence known in every aspect of the society and administrative system. The kind of lauding various hatemongering groups received during the previous regime allowed many people to show their true colours. Moreover, it allowed them to openly attack black people and people of colour to establish their supremacy. It may seem that with the change in the regime, such practices are going to end and disappear, but that won’t be true. It is necessary to remember that hate cannot be eradicated unless people actively try to achieve that.

Doing your part for the community and its people 

When you are becoming a part of a black association, it is necessary to keep this point in mind and use this knowledge and understanding to create the base of new laws and systems which can be implemented. The hate may have been forced to retreat at the moment, but there will always be people who are set in their ways to force people to see the world from their perspective. The false sense of superiority that has been imbibed in them has become part of their identity. These people are not ready to learn. They are not prepared to accept the mistakes of their ways. These people will always find others to manipulate and influence. Hence, without a complete change in the system, hate cannot be destroyed.

Responsibilities of a young person of colour 

Hence, any black association active at the moment will have multiple agendas set out for them. They will have to keep on fighting against oppression and discrimination. At the same time, they will have to introduce change in the various systems in the country. Additionally, they should be taking a special interest in teaching people the reality. If they can teach people the true history of America, it will be possible to reveal a perspective that had been either whitewashed or deliberately kept from people. Therefore, being part of any black association now means getting to work on different aspects of the issues, including teaching people the true history of the black people and that of America.

Blacks United

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