The Responsibility of African American Association is Growing with Time and Rightly So 

 August 12, 2021

By  Chris

When an association is built, it is with a precise aim to achieve some goals and a clear structure for work to be done. Therefore, it is pretty natural that every African American Association in existence was built following the same system. Afterwards, though, the organizations were unable to retain their original vision in many instances. In others, they had to redefine the list of agendas entirely. If you have been a part of such an organization for a few years, then the transition will be pretty clear, especially since the initiation of the Black Lives Matter movement. At present, the importance of these associations is growing, and rightly so because they are all set to take the leading position.

The lack of a single leader is posing problems 

Depending on the present scenario and how the black community is functioning, thinking that there will be one leader and others will follow them is not feasible. There are multiple leaders, and they are leading people towards a common goal. However, the approach and ideas are differing from one another. It is hard to find one person under whose leadership the community will begin fighting against oppression and discrimination. Instead, people are fighting, protesting, and showing their displeasure in various ways and under the supervision of different people or organizations. Instead of a single leader, the associations are taking up the responsibility to lead people.

The growing importance of black associations 

With the change in the responsibilities, the position and importance of black associations are growing. They are not merely leading people in protests but planning for a better future. The black community has been facing several issues, including racism, racial hate, and stereotype-based discrimination. One such issue has been the lack of unity. Like every community, the blacks in America are divided into various sections. These are based on factors like ideology, religion, ancestral roots, presence in a particular area, annual income, and many more. All these things keep the community from coming together and protesting against the wrongs done to black people every day.

Revisiting the concept of unity in the black community 

Unity has always been an issue with people of the African American community. However, before, people were ready to fight under the same banner and the leadership of one person. This is not happening anymore, as there is a lack of a suitable leader. The banner is getting more complicated by the day. It seems the community is divided into various small sections, and they are not coming together unless something hard-hitting and equally devastating happens. Movements are beginning, but they are losing speed and steam fast, and the goals are not getting fulfilled in the way they used to. People have to take steps in such a situation because racism and racial hate have been going on for a long time.

The associations are helping the community 

This is where the associations are coming from. They are trying to reduce the divides between smaller sections of the community without causing anything devastating enough. Remaining divided because of factors that won’t matter much in the grand scheme of things is not wise for the community. By giving too much importance to these things, the black people are causing harm to the aim of eradicating racism. It is high time that people understand the importance of unity and why the whole community needs to come together to protest against the century-old practices of the country. Along with educating the Caucasians about racism, the black community needs to learn about unity.

Capable people are showing the way 

As there is no leader to show the way and inspire people to stay the course until the goals are achieved, the associations are taking up the responsibility. Yes, these associations are made of people and their ideologies. You may not agree with them in every aspect and approach, but that does not mean everything they are doing is wrong. It is necessary to let go of the smaller disagreements and fight against the oppression together for a bigger goal. After so much fight and time, the black community is still forgetting such fundamental ideas, which is quite surprising. The black associations working in this area understand the situation, and they are trying to bring the community together by working with other such associations and individuals. Their attempts are bearing fruit, but it is slow going.

Keeping up with the course is necessary 

The way black associations have taken up leadership responsibilities and tried to inspire people to reach the goal is commendable. The way they approach the issues and try to find solutions to them is proving to be pretty beneficial for the African American community. Keeping all these features and developments in mind, it is natural that the importance of these associations is growing. With the way things are developing at present, the black associations are going to control and influence the course of the movements in the near future. That will be better than the inconsistent attempts made by the community in the recent past.


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