The Structure and Growth of African American Association in the Country and its Future 

 July 5, 2021

By  Blacks United

It is a known and historically proven fact that a crucial reason behind the failure of the various movements by the black community over the years had been a lack of unity. Though people come together at first and fight together, they lose interest and vision within some time. This is natural to every movement, but for the African American people, it is necessary to retain the united front. Hence, every African American association should work more to ensure better unity amongst the people of the community. It may seem simple enough in theory, but the reality will be quite different and should be handled with care.

The beginning of a movement and the spontaneity 

When the Black Lives Matter movement first made its presence known, it was a spontaneous outburst of people and their rage against the authority. In this situation, the authority or the side with power was the police. Hence, the fight was against the police force and its brutality, which has been happening for years, especially against the people of colour. If data is collected of the black people’s fatalities due to police brutality in the last 5 years, the statistics are bound to shock any person. From men with kids in their cars to a scared teenager returning home, from a member of the police force sleeping in bed to a person crossing the road, nowhere a person of colour is safe.

The not so easy method of non-violent protests against oppression 

The movements and protest marches, and similar actions happen because people want to show their rage and pain in a constructive and channelized manner. It is not easy, but the African American community has shown that the impossible is nothing. They have been helping to mould the protest movements and activities for a long time. In such a situation, the initiation and growth of an association made of black people have to remember several things, including retaining unity in the community. It will take time and patience, and not many people are blessed with those. Therefore, if such a few people are found, they should be entrusted with chalking out the plans while bringing the community together.

The associations and why they are needed at the moment 

At present, the structure of an association of black people and people of colour has to have several units. All of them have to be responsible for looking after different aspects. Despite looking after other areas of the movement and preparing people for various activities, all these sections have to come together with one aim. They have to have the capacity to unite for one common goal and help people achieve the same. The justice system of the country had always been rigged against black people and people of colour. However, it seems that the disparity is becoming this apparent recently. In this country, a white person can only be given a few years of imprisonment to be proven guilty of a second-degree murder charge. On the other hand, a black person may get 25 years of imprisonment for possession and distribution of weed.

Getting ready for a fight that will go on for years 

It will take years to change such a rigged system, but if the attempts do not begin today, the change will get postponed further, which is not correct. Moreover, the association and people in it have to create a proper knowledge-sharing process where people will be taught the actual history of the black people. The history of discrimination and violence needs to come forward, and everyone should know about it. Moreover, it is also vital to help people understand that, notwithstanding the race and colour of skin, if a considerable section of the population is not happy. They sometimes do not even have fundamental human rights; then, there is something gravely wrong with the administration and other systems of the country.

The duties of an African American association 

As the beacon of hope and the organization bringing structure to the movement, every African American association has some pre-decided duties towards the community and society. Yes, the black people do not need to teach anything to the other races, especially the Caucasians. If they want to remain ignorant of their violent past and the oppression they brought upon their fellow human beings, then it is their prerogative. Despite that, you also need to consider that people cannot live isolated and separated from the mainstream unless an alternative system presents itself. It may feel tempting enough, but there is no denying that going for such a system will bring further destruction, which is unsuitable for anyone.

The growth has to be influencing in every avenue 

An association can only grow when it brings in positive plans and constructive ideas for a better future. Considering an African American association to the leader of such a movement is not wrong. Therefore, a black association will have to create a structure that will influence and encourage people to initiate something positive and beneficial for the future. The growth of such an association will be dependent on these structures, plans, and their successful implementation. It won’t be wise to disrupt such a system because doing so can be catastrophic for the black community and other races and communities. If the present leadership can prove its capability and achieve success in the areas they have aimed at, then people will feel more interested in listening to what they say and follow in their footsteps. Along with the organization’s growth, the leadership will also have to focus on personal development, which will be closely associated with the possibility of a better future.

Blacks United

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