The Ways African American Association Can Help and Support the Community and Beyond? 

 August 10, 2021

By  Chris

When a community comes together and protests against one or multiple existing rules and regulations rampant in a country, it is perceived differently. Some people think that the community is protesting because they are not happy with the present situation or are trying to create problems. The black community in the USA has been accused of both because the people bringing on these accusations are not ready to accept the issues with their perspectives. It should not be as surprising, seeing the problem existing in most countries, but discrimination is a common issue. The discrimination based on one’s skin colour is an old and established one. This is where the work of an African American Association begins .

The tour of history is necessary for better understanding 

The discrimination against a particular community is pretty old in the USA. It had been through a gamut of both harrowing and astounding highs and lows, from keeping black people trapped in slavery to not allowing them to study in the same institutions where white people go. The same trend continues after centuries, clearly showing that the people and the authorities haven’t learned much from history. The present situation in the country is rigged against people of colour. Whether they belong to the indigenous group or the black community, Mexican or Asian, or any other race, they are discriminated against. From the legal system to the education system, from regular life to getting equal opportunities and payment, everywhere hurdles are stacked up against them.

The discrimination which is common and rampant 

A black female gets paid less than a white female. A black student has to prove themselves more than a white student to pursue the same course in the same institution. A black person needs to work harder to get the same promotion as their white colleague. These are some of the instances, and adding the casual hate and dehumanization that happens with these people every day, the situation worsens. It is high time some positive and effective changes are introduced to the present system. Instead of looking for others to do the job, it is time to take the initiative and begin the process yourself. This is one of the most helpful ways the Black Associations can help the community and beyond. If you are wondering about the process, then looking deeper into the matter will help.

The introduction of change is not simple but not impossible 

Change comes from within; whether that is an individual or the community, in general, is another question, but the beginning has to be personal. If the community is not aware of what is going on with them at each level and if all the members are not aware of the discrimination happening to them every day, then remedying that is the first step. A community can only fight as one when there is a common ground of understanding. Every person within a community cannot have the same agenda regarding a movement or the exact expectations from a situation. For instance, a person struggling to put two meals on the table will want basic facilities. The person who has reached somewhere would like to have equal opportunities to pursue a better career and better life.

Different groups of people and their different interests 

A group of people cannot have the exact requirement from the same situation; every movement must accept that and work around this issue. For instance, you need to acknowledge that black people belonging to a different section of society will need other things from the same situation. No movement can move forward if it does not recognize and acknowledge this possibility. After details like that are recognized and accepted, it becomes possible to create an agenda for the movement. In an ideal situation, it should try and cover as many demands from different sections of the community as possible. If that is not possible, the next best step is to cover as many of them as possible.

Help and support should come naturally and not be forced 

If the association begins the movement and relevant approaches without consulting the people and their needs first, there will be issues later. One of the most significant issues will be people leaving the movement because the core principles and agendas won’t resonate with them anymore. It may not seem a problem initially, but the importance of the workforce will become apparent with time. Furthermore, if one section of the community leaves the movement and the association, it will hurt the confidence of others which is not suitable, especially for the success of the project. Hence, it is better to take into account these points and work on them. This way, the association and movement can help the community during and beyond the protests and after.


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