What is the Opinion of People Regarding being Black in America at this time? 

 September 30, 2021

By  Chris

If you are a member of the black community living in America at the moment and if someone asks this question, your answer is bound to come out as less than pleasant. However, if you belong to the same community or any other and live anywhere else in the world, the opinion will be similar. There is no denying that, because of the present scenario and how the previous government acted, being a Black in America is full of issues, complications, and challenges. Indeed, belonging to another ethnic group other than Caucasian was never very easy in this country. However, during the presidentship of Barak Obama, it seemed the situation was getting better.

How was the situation a few years back?

Whether it happened because there was an African American president in the White House or some other reason, racial hate was at an all-time low during the two terms of President Obama. After that, it seemed as if the country and its people were somehow compensating for the good in the last almost a decade. Racing hate groups, some well-known and some obscure, came to the spotlight with more power and hate. They start influencing the people of the country. Like always there is a group which gets influenced fast and easily. The same happened in America, and racial hate and such hate crimes started to rise.

How did things get to the situation as it is today?

After almost no resistance and restrictions for four years, the number of racial hate crimes is at an alarmingly high percentage in the country. Adding the oppression, blatant discrimination, and other issues, it seems as if America hadn’t moved past the olden days and still practiced segregation and tortured black people. Since the first batch of black people was brought to the country and sold as slaves, there had been an immediate difference was created. But unfortunately, that was also the beginning of a long practice of torture, oppression, discrimination, and hate towards a particular group of people based on their skin colour.

The misconceptions and wrong beliefs of a group of people

A considerable section of Caucasians often argues that African Americans should go back to their country of origin. It is their argument for all the hate being stacked against the black people of the country. They tend to believe that if African Americans are not happy in American, they should go back to their birthplace. In that scenario, they forget and often ignore the hard truth. The Caucasian people in America are essential people who came from mainland Europe and the United Kingdom. Hence, they have the same status as the black people, i.e., both groups are not native to the country, and that is where the similarity ends.

A lesson in history which will help everyone considerably

The Caucasians mostly came to this country to try their luck and earn money. In most cases, they came voluntarily, whereas the black people were forcefully brought to the country. Since the beginning, black people were forced to work and treated as less than human. These people gave their everything and built the country from scratch in various areas. The foundation of modern America lies in the blood and sweat of the black people who were kidnapped and brought to this country to be exploited. Today, their descendants cannot go back to their country of origin because they have no roots or history to go back to. When the slave traders kidnapped people, they often destroyed the communities and dwellings. They used to capture whole communities and clans.

How were things made so hard and complicated for the black community?

Therefore, the black people living in the country do not have any clear root to get back to. Moreover, these people are as much part of America as any other race and community. They gave their everything, were subjected to oppression, torture, and humiliation for centuries before there was even a little bit of recognition and rights. Therefore, the other races and communities, especially Caucasians, do not have any right to ask the country’s black people to move somewhere. Despite this blatant misconception and various other ideas without any base, white-skinned people are making the life of black people more complicated every day. The system is already rigged against people of colour, and black people have to regularly bear most of the burns. In short, this is not a pleasant time for the black people in America, but that should not deter the community in any way.

Fighting the good fight for a better tomorrow

With the various movements and protests against the oppressive systems and stereotypes, the community is already fighting. The Black Lives Matter movement is already focusing on how the existing system harms one community more than others. This is bringing more people into the fight against oppression, and it is going pretty strong at the moment. This should not be considered the ultimate success, though, and should be treated accordingly. Such a movement is the beginning, but the fight is going to belong. It can be considered successful only when there will be positive changes in the country and society. A black person of their gender, age, or financial background should not be in fear for their life.

Getting more experience and preparation for any future fights

Blacks United is dedicated to continuing this fight against racial oppression and other race-related issues bringing positive changes to society. If you are looking for ways to help the black community in America actively, then it is time to make some complex and precise decisions. Only when you are directly associated with the movement will it be possible to understand the temperament of people. It will help you to plan for other protests and create a strategy to fight against oppression effectively. The experience will become handy and will only add further power to the movement and the community.


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