What Should Your Stand be on the Topic of Supporting Black People in America? 

 August 22, 2021

By  Chris

If someone asks this question, your reply will depend on whether you belong to the African American community or not. The topic of supporting black people can be handled and interpreted in several ways. For someone who belongs to the community, supporting another person from the community is as natural as taking a breath. On the other hand, this question will have different implications for someone who is not associated with the community. Therefore, there will be different reactions and replies from different communities. For instance, if you belong to any coloured community, your support will have separate power. If you belong to the Caucasian community, then your support has a different flavour.

Understanding the scope of reverse racism 

This may sound like stereotyping and reverse racism. Many people will argue that the way white people stereotype the black community and create an image in their minds, the black people are doing the same. Though there is some truth in this claim, one must consider the greater implication of the fact and the take on the subject. Many white people believe themselves as an ally to the Black Lives Matter and similar movements, and they have been helping the community. A considerable section of these people had to unlearn the inherent racism they inherited from their previous generations. Despite being entirely supportive of the movement, some people are yet to unlearn all of the ingrained racism.

The true face of racism should be revisited 

Such a controversial comment is bound to cause many issues and anger in people, especially those who consider themselves as above racism or neutral. If you are having a conversation with one such individual, it is necessary to put an end to their wrong ideas and beliefs immediately. The first thing you need to explain to these people is that there are certain aspects in life and society where remaining neutral won’t cut it. If you are neutral on racism, then you are passively supporting racist ideas and practices. It is bound to make anyone angry, but they need to take some time and think about what they have heard and the implication of the statement.

Being neutral is not going to help anyone 

Racism is a problem that has been plaguing the country for centuries. Remaining neutral to this issue passively support the racists because you are not making them realize they are wrong. There are specific issues in the world when everyone needs to speak up, and racism is one such instance. Unfortunately, a considerable number of people make themselves happy and content by thinking that they do not actively take part in racism. It is high time for these individuals to understand that not participating in racist displays is not equal to protesting against the display. Ultimately, one’s silence will not help anyone; instead, it will strengthen the unfair practices in society.

Knowing how to deal with racism in real life 

For the white people of the country, it is necessary to understand that remaining neutral and detached from the problem will not make the problem go away. Instead, the inactions will add more power to the issue, and it will complicate life for more people. If you want to support the African American community, it is necessary to get educated on how to behave and react in the face of a racist display and event. It is possible that you are not a very vocal person, but protecting someone does not always require being vocal and loud. There are various ways through which you can remain actively protesting against the issue.

Other coloured communities need to learn too 

When it comes to other coloured communities, including the country’s indigenous people, the place of racism is not high. Being subjected to the same racist treatment, they are bound to understand the position of any black in America better than the Caucasian community. This may keep them from becoming hateful, racist people. However, there is a little bit of racism in every individual, and each community has that. Every coloured community tends to think that the racism against them is the worst and the discrimination against them is the worst crime against humanity. Every community is pretty sure of their capability and importance in society, which leads them to think of other people in not so flattering light.

Handling the subject with care helps 

As part of these communities, one needs to learn a lot. It is not enough to understand and recognize the problems and stereotypes happening against their community, but the issues being faced by people from other coloured communities should gain equal importance. If it is necessary to unlearn some of the ideas and beliefs one has regarding a particular set of people, then it should be done with care. Only when an individual understands the importance and implication of racism, they can support the community protesting against the wrongs happening to the community. This also decides the stand of an individual and a community on the subject.


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