Why Black People Coming Together is More Essential than Ever Before for the Community? 

 July 23, 2021

By  Blacks United

Communities coming together and fighting for their rights has always been an issue for the oppressors. It has always been one of the reasons for them trying to keep people apart and causing internal problems within the community so that their fights against the authorities never take shape. The same has remained true for the black community since the beginning. As soon as the black people had come together to protest against their issues, beginning with slavery and related oppression, authorities tried to divide them and keep them apart. The same strategy is being applied at this time not to let Black people together.

Understanding the practicalities of people needing support 

As part of the community, your responsibility is to fight the wars and battles against the stereotypes and other issues and help people remain together. There is nothing unnatural about people losing patience and the crowd starting to thin. A movement begins with some people, and it ends with them too. Others keep on joining in the middle and stay for some time before leaving. In most cases, these people are leaving physically and not withdrawing their support. It is because, whether there is a movement or not, people need to eat and continue their lives, and that cannot happen without money. Leaving a job or keeping their business closed for an extended period is not always feasible.

Different aspects of a movement that you need to understand 

There are several practical aspects of a movement that you need to know about and accept. First, the people who are leaving active participation are usually not the ones you should be worrying about. This is because, in most cases, these are the people who need to get back to their lives. After all, there are other people dependent on them. They may not be physically present, but their support is always there. They also build the groundwork and support system that allows more people to participate in the movement actively. Second, the worry is about those who lose patience and get disillusioned when they do not get fast results. Every movement and war takes time. Change does not happen in a day.

Dealing with misinformation and wrong ideas effectively 

People who participate in the movements and such events tend to think that the demands will be fulfilled within a short time and change will come immediately. In reality, things do not work in this way because nothing significant happens without people struggling for some time. It may sound a little illogical, but rules and practices that have been plaguing society and its people for centuries won’t get eradicated in a day. Despite new legislation being introduced and implemented, people accepting them and using them in daily life is a different struggle altogether. The same is true for the movements and struggles of black people; hence, Supporting black people is more important at the moment.

Bringing the community together and keeping it that way is necessary 

The community needs to come together, and for that, a tremendous amount of support is required. This is not to be taken in a light manner and also not think in monetary terms. Support does not always mean arranging for money. Helping people through financial arrangements has been a crucial part of the system consistently; there is more to it. At present, along with finances, people need mental support and proper leadership to show the way. A community coming together is not as simple as it may seem on paper. There are various details, issues, and problems that need to be sorted first. Belonging to one community and sharing a common root is not always enough to keep people together. It is time for black people to search for that extra factor that will bring the community together, keep it together and make the movement successful.

Blacks United

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