You are not alone; We the Black People in the US Stand Together 

 November 29, 2021

By  Chris

There is no more ideal time to be a Black member in this country than right now. This might sound a bit odd and maybe a bit controversial, but if you think about it a bit, you’ll find it’s true. Social media has enabled the world to become a global village. The efforts in supporting Black People in the USA have received the world’s approval and encouragement, and this has helped it to gain steam in the past few years. No one is isolated anymore; technology gives you every opportunity to be connected should you want to do so. This is not to say that it holds true for all members of society, but that is precisely the fact. All these social media and other platforms help unite those members of our community who are still struggling alone, bereft of the comforting power of family to carry them forward. The phrase “Black people together with the USA” is no longer an idealistic vision but a fast-materializing reality. It brings to mind a song by British beat group Gerry and the Pacemakers called “You’ll never walk alone,” sung by the fans of Liverpool Football Club at Anfield. The song talks about collective identity, standing up for each other, and building a community where the members are inspired by the same theory and ideology and want to achieve a collective goal to better the community.

How can you help your immediate surrounding community?

  • Informed and patient support: Be aware of your surroundings and the people living in them. For instance, notice if your neighbour is having a tough time settling in or has trouble taking care of their kids, in the case of a single parent. Respect their privacy and space but don’t make them feel like you don’t even care that they are around and cannot approach you for help if needed. But make sure you are well informed before you infer something or approach someone for help on their behalf. Please don’t make them feel like you pity them or embarrass them by spreading their problems to the world. Subtlety and sensitivity are key.
  • Forming a partner: If you want to help someone without making them feel self-conscious and that you pity them, forming a partner relationship is quite helpful. Discuss things on equal terms and maybe use your job as a way to qualify yourself as a person of expertise to address any issues they might be facing and a way to get through. In such a way, your help goes through in the proper manner and has a qualitative change in progress. Even forming a business is an interesting idea if you feel they have a specific skill set and are qualified to speak on how to utilize that skill set.
  • Be a patron: A subtle way to express support by availing of the services available. The people you want to help say they have a small business, like a food cart or barbershop, find a way to make eating there a regular occurrence, or get your haircut there on a semi-regular basis. If you are happy with their services, then make it regular. Volunteering for work at your local Black Association (if available) is also a suitable way to express your support.

 At Blacks Unitedour sole goal is to unite the scattered Black Community and inculcate a collective identity among them. So, if you believe in us, join us and help us reach the underprivileged and isolated members of our society and let them know “you are not alone.”


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